Saturday, February 7, 2015

The pizza box

Can a smell wake a person up? I don't really know. However the first thing I did upon waking was gag to the smell of a sick dog. I knew something was wrong yesterday when my poor girl was bloated, but I could not figure out what she got into. This girl ate a 1 pound Hershery's kiss when she was about a year old and lived to tell the tail. Hehe

The mystery was solved last night after our walk to the Dollar General for sodas for pizza, popcorn, movie night. So off to the store. 
We love walks. 
Anne is enjoying herself even if her face says otherwise, and Kade is gripping his jacket like that because of his kitten. Not a real one, but an old toy of mine I found in storage. Kitty, Kitty, Kitten still purrs when her head moves. I had named her Precious and she's got to be about 20 years old. I wanted to give her to Anne, but Kade took an immediate like to her and has been carrying her everywhere. 

Well, anyway, we got our sodas, got home, and pre-heated the oven. When I open the deep freeze there is no pizza. Just the pizza box next to our trash can from the one we ate a few nights ago. As I'm standing there wondering it hits me. How oblivious am I? How did I not hear one of my children pull the pizza out of the deep freeze? How did I not hear a dog tearing into a frozen pizza? How could I have picked up that box and set it next to the trash can thinking it was Monday's dinner? 

Here's to hoping all has passed. Hehe.