Monday, June 6, 2011

3 months

Happy 3 month birthday to you, Kade.

I've really neglected something these last few months while enjoying my new little one. This blog being one of those things. I have quite a list of posts that I started and never got around to finishing when I got distracted by one of my boys needing mommy's attention.

Life has been pretty great in the Bigger household these last few months. My in-laws came up for the Mother's Day weekend so hubby and I got a date night. We went to a movie. The two of us hadn't been out about town since Thanksgiving when we saw the new Harry Potter movie. That day we had planned to see Thor at four, but decided to first stop off at the grocery store to get my favorite treat. Chocolate covered gummy bears.

So we pushed the movie off until later and went to dinner. Two girlie cocktails later I was feeling sweet. Josh had me laughing at everything. That's my favorite thing about our relationship. We can laugh. We will get old, passions might fade, our children will grow up, but Josh and I will always laugh. We will laugh at inside jokes, at the antics our children get into, and even past arguments with a fondness that will hold us together like glue for our years ahead. I hope he knows how much I love him.

We actually just got back from our first family vacation. Josh and I have been married almost six years and we finally take some time to go somewhere besides to visit family. (Don't be butt hurt. You know we love visiting you.) It was the weekend before Memorial day and out of the blue Josh asks if I want to take a hop up to Alaska. And that's what we did. Packed a few backpacks and flew up to see the last frontier. Boy was it beautiful. It didn't hurt that our very best friends live up there. We met when our husbands went through basic and tech school together. Then we got stationed together at McChord AFB. It was sad to see them leave and wonder if we'd ever see them again.

Getting off the plane at 5 in the morning took my breath away with the view of mountains circling all around. I was then on the lookout for moose.

To be continued...