Monday, April 18, 2016

Morning Battles

 I'm working on my first cup of coffee. The boys got on the bus a bit ago, and as I sit here I wonder if I am leaving my children a legacy of anger. Sure we have good moments here and there when the household runs smoothly, but when I don't have control of the situations that arise my bad temper comes out. Here's an example from just this morning. I wake at 6 and then work on getting my boys out of bed. Sean is a morning person like me, but Kade won't wake up no matter how much I prod. Then when he does get up he is cranky and fussy. Baths are just as impossible. I want them in and out, but Sean refuses to get in and then Kade takes forever to get out. Why did I ever stop giving them bedtimes baths? So there we are every morning them whining and crying and me with my top exploding. 

I don't seem to be getting the patience I've been praying for. 

We made up for that nasty row this morning half an hour later when waiting for the bus. The weather was a bit chill and the wind was blowing, so the boys huddled close to me and wrapped my coat over their shoulders. I told them I was sorry for being angry and that we needed to work together every morning to get ready. Now I just need to figure out what works for them. 

So, yeah, I do get mad real quick, but once I get that burst out its over and done with real quick.