Saturday, April 2, 2011

My Calvin

At the beginning of the month when I found out Josh would be leaving before Kade was born I called around to my family asking who could come visit me. Since Kade came early my mother-in-law came up and my sister with her little boy. It was nice having company. A week later it was just my sister and me. Oh, and our boys! Those boy! The hijinks those boys got into. 
Sean and Ethan

All that crazyness from two boys, ages 3 and 2, I don't know how Juliane and I didn't go insane in those two weeks. We had to fight tempertantrums over toys, racing up and down two flights of stairs, and climbing over the baby gates just to name a few. The worst happened on a nice sunny day. I was nursing Kade and asked Juliane if she could get the boys dressed to spend some time out in the backyard. When she went to get them they weren't in the toy room. The gate had been knocked over and they were being awfully quiet. The next thing I hear is her gasping and then a dripping sound coming from my kitchen. The boys had flooded my upstairs toilet resulting in my bathroom flooding and causing it to drain out a vent in the kitchen. My husband was lucky enough to have missed all the fun. Thankfully cleaning was easy with no permenant damage.

That got me to thinking about when I was a little girl and would read my favorite comic books. I had five that I would read over and over again. The one carton that I loved above all the others. That was Calvin and Hobbs. He was awsome in my eyes. Him and is stuffed tiger. I'd then dream about the future and the time when I would have a little boy of my own. How I wished he would be just like Calvin. My little boy would have the biggest imagination. He'd be my little hellion making mud pies and killer snowmen.

And sometimes life suprises you and really does give you what you wish for. Let me introduce my Calvin.

Three years with Sean has been a rollercoaster. Sometimes he drives me so crazy and I want to lock him in his room and other times he's so sweet he melt my heart. Like the moments when I catch him giving his baby brother a kiss. He's mine forever.

Just an example of one of Sean's Calvinish moments. I came down one morning to find he had thrown my shoes into the dirty dish water. Ick!