Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Disappointment. It can leave such a deep ache for something that was thought to be attainable. That is how I felt when a call came telling us that our family will not be moving to New Mexico.

I can't be upset with the cause of our rejection. Sean. When he was born our family was placed on a program to make sure he got all his medical needs taken care of. We were aware that this would hinder us from moving place to place as the military is wont to do unless there were specific hospitals that could take care of Sean. In March we were notified that we would report to a new base no later then the end of June. Two weeks ago my husband had to take Sean before a review board that inquired about all his medical needs. Then came the wait. Since this would have been our first move with children we didn't see any medical problems standing in our way. I didn't doubt for a moment that we wouldn't get to move because Sean has been a healthy little boy. We do have speech and physical therapy every six months to check up on his progress. He also has to get his thyroid level checked every few months as well.

Fourteen days later we were rejected.

I wanted to be angry. Mostly for everything we've done to get ready for this move. It's pointless because now we don't know where we stand.  Will my husband be sent to New Mexico without us? Will we getting a new base to PCS to, or will we be forced to stay here? Being in this limbo with no answers is driving us crazy.
This is just one of many pictures I've taken of our home. Usually my counters are much more cluttered. This could be a show home. Way too clean.

Until we have our answers the plan is to keep going as if we are moving.