Friday, April 6, 2012

My boo-boo

The months have flown since I last posted. I want to blame it on the late nights or the never ending housework. Maybe it was all the books on my to-read list on Goodreads or my projects that I start and stop and start again. The truth is I didn't keep my promise when it came to letting my family in the know. Keeping in touch when we live two thousand miles apart has been difficult for me when I let other things dictate my days. I want to start over. I will start over.

I don't have a picture where he doesn't cheese like this.

My little baby, Kade, just had his one year birthday in March. Everyday he changes so much. I could do without his little tempers. He seems to be giving me a taste of the terrible twos to come. 

Giving Mommy a few peaceful moments.

Sean is changing a lot, too. When he was born we had no idea the steps it would take to get where we are today. All the therapy he's had and doctors appointments didn't bring any of us down. Every day he amazes me with how smart and sweet he is.

granny square

My most recent project. A baby blanket for our newest addition. Yep in about six months we will have a fifth member of the Bigger Family. If you're wondering, yes we were trying, but I did not think it would happen a few months before Kade turned one. After Josh and I were married it took two years before we had Sean and three years for Kade.

This has been the year of happenings. First we fond out about the new baby, and now we recieved orders to move. It's been a long time coming. We came to Washington in the fall of 2006 and almost six years later we finally get to move on. I am so excited. With less than 60 days to get our home in order I am getting nervous. Change. Such a scary word. We're ready for this new adventure now.