Wednesday, February 16, 2011


It felt like a good time to start a new project. Blogging. Just something else to add to my long list of hobbies. My little Sean is growing so fast and I really wanted a way to share him with the grandparents who live over two thousand miles away. Right now it's quite late and Sean should be in bed because he has school tomorrow. Instead he's sitting behind me in the office going through the playlist on my husband's old iphone. For him being only 3 years old he's more competent than most adults when it comes to electronics.

Staying at home with my children is what I've always wanted to do. Getting to see all Sean's milestones is the greatest gift I could ever give myself. He's just so wonderful. Most of the time. Things aren't perfect. I do have a very mischievous boy. All the times he's dumped the dog food into the water bowl, or the time he put my tennis shoes in the dirty dish water has worn me thin at times, but how could I wish for anything different? All his quirks, no matter how naughty at times are precious. Now that our family will be adding a second addition this March (Here's hoping for a St. Patty's baby) his antics make these years together with just the three of us doubly precious. I can't wait for what our little boys will get into as brothers.

Well here's a good night to my first post.