Monday, February 21, 2011

Sunday Drive

Sunday started out as any other typical day. Pat, pat, pat, pat. I must have an internal Sean alarm because the moment I hear Sean's little feet running down the hallway I wake up. He comes to stand beside my bed, his hands raised in a silent plea for me to pull him up under the covers next to me. I don't have him go back to his own bed because it's already 4:30 in the morning. We all drift back into a sweet sleep until there is actually some sunlight outside. I must be dreaming.

The next time I look at the clock it's a little after 5 and Sean is coughing and I can hear some funky sounds coming from his chest. I must be full of little beeps and warnings that only get implanted when you become a mother because I seemed to know what was coming next. I got out of bed and the moment I picked up Sean he gave a rather violent cough and threw up on the floor next to the bed. My poor baby wasn't feeling well. We went downstairs where I put Sean in his favorite chair (It's actually Daddy's recliner, but Sean will sneak into it anytime Daddy moves). He seemed to be doing better so I got him some water and dry toast and we sat and watched TV for a bit. When Sean started coughing again, though he got sick. I scooped him up and we sat together on the couch. This time we'll try just pedialyte and make sure it stays down. Since I keep all Sean's toys downstairs I grab his favorite books and cuddle together under a warm blanket. He loves Skippyjon Jones. He may have been feeling poorly, but that didn't stop him from helping me turn the pages and clapping on his favorite parts. We are able to get through three books before falling asleep. I'm glad I have such comfy a comfy couch.


Now it's 9 am and the sun is shining brightly. Sean is beginning to act as if the last few hours never happened. The sun must have had a rejuvenating affect because Sean pushed away from me to play with his toys. So I pulled out my latest project and just watched him play for a while. My first attempt at curtain tiebacks. 


The rest of the day was nice and uneventful. A friend brought over a baby swing for our baby-to-be and handmade blankets. One for Sean and one for Kade. We appreciated that very much. After she left Daddy had turned on Nascar and Sean crawled up next to him and curled up for his afternoon nap. We spent many hours together on the couch until it was time to make dinner.

Once dinner was over and Daddy had gone outside to work on the vehicles, I asked Sean if he wanted a bath. This is a favorite for him. Give him some toys and water and he's happy. After a bath and then chasing a naked boy down with his undies and clothes time had just flown by. It was 8 pm and I was ready for Sean to go to bed. That's when Josh comes inside calling my name asking if we're ready to go for a late night drive. Of course! Sean and I are both in our pj's, but who cares. We just bought a Tahoe on Valentine's Day and any excuse to get out of the house is fine with me. We grab Sean and his new blanket and bundle him into his car seat and after jumping in I ask Josh where we're going. I'm told we are going to drive and see where we end up. Our first stop was our favorite drive in for some smoothies and an extra-long cheese coney. How excited we got because Josh could roll down the window. (The driver's side on our other car is broken.) Once finished we drove to the lake just cruising until we came across some boat ramp that a friend had told Josh about. We were lost and almost out of gas when Josh cheated by using the map on his iPhone. That's when we stopped at a gas station betting to see whose guess would be closest to the final price for a full tank of gas. We were both off by $5.
So sad!
Once full we just drove and drove some more. Being a passenger on a night drive really has it's perks. I could take it all in. Seeing the valley and out across to the Tacoma harbor at night just about took my breath away. The city lights stretched as far as the eye could see. Then when we drove around the lake the reflection of houses on the water really makes me promise to one day own property like that. I can see myself now sitting on a deck while water laps softly around me. I'd be sipping a drink watching the lights dance off the water and let the night drift by.

Watching Sean slowly fall asleep by the rocking movement or Josh and me singing to a well known song from the radio help me to enjoy the unknown with my family.i look forward to many night drives in the future.