Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Salon à la Daddy

 After picking up Sean from school today I couldn't help but notice him rockin' the Beiber hair. He's just so darn cute. Now don't get me wrong I like when little boys have shaggy hair with cute little ringlets, but with Daddy in the military it's the "high and tight" cut all the way.

 Usually Daddy takes Sean to the barber. I like when the two of them have an outing. Later on I know Josh will look back on the simple moments they spent together. Those moments are the one's I want to hold on to when he's older. Like the other day when I was crocheting and Sean sat next to me on the couch. He put his hand  atop mine to stop me from continuing my project. As I was wondering what he wanted he pulled my arm around his shoulders for a Mommy/Sean cuddle. Sweet.
"Daddy, what did you do?"
That's his nickname from me by the way. Sweets. He's just so darn sugary sweet that I can't help smiling when he shares a little bit of what makes him sweet with me.